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Learning to fly

It doesn’t take very much research to find out that you will most likely crash your drone the first time you take it out. There are way too many stories of people getting the bug to get a drone in the air, buying a really fancy unit, and then smashing it to bits and learning the hard way that there is more to this than throwing money in the sky.

One approach is to get a smaller and cheaper unit that it easy to fix, and that is a really good idea. An even better idea is to spend some time with a simulator. You’ll still probably have a crash, or a dozen crashes, but a simulator lets you try out the craft and learn some skills in a way that doesn’t endanger you or anyone else.

It is sometimes possible to run a simulator with a gamepad or joystick, but if you’re seriously considering getting a drone anyway, then get a radio that you can use with the simulator. That is just one more piece of gear that you will be getting practical experience with.

They all have some drawbacks and some strengths, but this list should give you some choices to get going.

Phoenix RC

Heli-X Simulator

AeroSim RC


QuadcopterFX – IOS and Android

As with most things in this area, the field is changing fast, so be on the lookout for new innovations. I expect someone will start to raise the bar on simulators very soon.

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