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Keeping On Top Of Legal Developments

Commercial drone use remains in a legal grey area. No questions. Even if you want to make the case that the FAA has no enforceable jurisdiction, you will still have a fight on your hands. The laws are clearly trying to catch up with the current era so anyone using drones, AND ANYONE WISHING TO EMPLOY A DRONE OPERATOR needs to be aware of current developments.

Here is a list of places to monitor for legal developments:

FAA drone rules – This is the official FAA page with current rules.

Register your drone – Drone operators now face possible jail time for flying unregistered craft.

dronelaw.net – No nonsense coverage of the current legal proceedings.

Airmap.io – tells you where you can and cannot fly based on current regulations.

Hover – a smartphone/tablet app that tells you how legal it is to fly in your current location


By watching these sites and educating yourself about current regulations you can keep your video project from getting grounded.


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