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Drones for Commercial Real Estate

Drones are useful, and little has pushed the use of drones harder than the real estate sector. In addition to high end homes there is ample room for commercial real estate applications because there is simply no other way to get the same perspective with the same degree of safety, convenience, and cost.

source: www.auvsi.org
source: www.auvsi.org

Industry players like Zillow and the National Association of Realtors have been talking about this kind of imaging for a long time, and industry leaders have wisely been advising realtors to steer clear until the dust settles a little more with the legal situation. When that happens, however, it is obvious that the real estate market will be a substantial customer of drone video services.

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, anything that sets a broker apart is as good as gold.

Scott Randolph, Transwestern senior vice president

Real Estate agencies have been using aerial imaging for ages, so that is not new. What makes drones so apropos is the cost, scale, and the safety. The coast makes it realistic for a whole new category of properties. The combination of scale and safety means that new angles and approaches are available that were previously unfeasible.

Another option that is available with drones, is the ability to automate flights. This isn’t available with most off the shelf drones, but with higher end and custom built solutions an operator is able to program waypoints from a ground station that the craft will follow to the best of its GPS enabled ability.


This kind of autonomous flight is still very much off the table as far as the FAA is concerned, but the reality is out there and the regulations are slowly catching up, so consult with your drone video service provider to see if that is a legal reality for your needs.

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