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Content That Matters: Interview with Eric Koehler, Vantage Vertical

In this video, FusionSpark Media’s Russell Sparkman interviews Vantage Vertical co-founder, Eric Koehler, about changes impacting the commercial use of drones, including the FAA’s recent Part 107 updates to Unmanned Aircraft Systems. In this interview, we touch upon: What is Part 107, and why it matters How to get a[…]

FAA Announces Operational Rules

Today June 21, 2016, the FAA announced an eagerly awaited set of operational rules for commercial drone operators. These new rules finally address some realities of drone operations, and hopefully pave the way for some commonsense regulations to follow. The official press release included a link to a summary of the regulations.[…]

Keeping On Top Of Legal Developments

Commercial drone use remains in a legal grey area. No questions. Even if you want to make the case that the FAA has no enforceable jurisdiction, you will still have a fight on your hands. The laws are clearly trying to catch up with the current era so anyone using drones,[…]

Managing Expectations of Drone Video Service Types

Drone video providers, like any service provider, can be broken down into three categories: Low End, Middle and Upper End. While the low end and the high end are fairly easy to define, everything else gets dumped into the middle so there can be lots of variance in quality, price, and experience.[…]

How to know if your drone video provider is legal, and why you should care.

If you’re a business (real estate, agriculture, etc.) and have been looking into using drone video for your business then you’ve probably heard about a hundred times by now: make sure your drone provider is operating legally. And you’re probably still wondering, “What does that mean, and how can I find out?” It boils down[…]