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Managing Expectations of Drone Video Service Types

Drone video providers, like any service provider, can be broken down into three categories: Low End, Middle and Upper End. While the low end and the high end are fairly easy to define, everything else gets dumped into the middle so there can be lots of variance in quality, price, and experience.[…]

How to know if your drone video provider is legal, and why you should care.

If you’re a business (real estate, agriculture, etc.) and have been looking into using drone video for your business then you’ve probably heard about a hundred times by now: make sure your drone provider is operating legally. And you’re probably still wondering, “What does that mean, and how can I find out?” It boils down[…]

What To Expect When Building Your First Drone

The definition of a drone is broad and it covers rotorcraft, fixed wing, experimental craft, and lots of things that haven’t been created yet. When I got my first drone I was driven by the needs of a photographer/videographer so I gravitated towards the hovering rotorcraft commonly called a quadcopter. If[…]