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Drones for Commercial Real Estate

Drones are useful, and little has pushed the use of drones harder than the real estate sector. In addition to high end homes there is ample room for commercial real estate applications because there is simply no other way to get the same perspective with the same degree of safety, convenience, and[…]

Snapshot of Drone Video & Photography Services, Q1 2016

According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the FAA granted 3,136 Section 333 exemptions for commercial drone applications. Based on the fact that the Section 333 Exemption application requires the applicant to identify types of uses, a snapshot of the commercial use of drone video and photography services is[…]

Learning to fly

It doesn’t take very much research to find out that you will most likely crash your drone the first time you take it out. There are way too many stories of people getting the bug to get a drone in the air, buying a really fancy unit, and then smashing it[…]