Drone Video Services

About Drone Video Services




Drone Video Services is a DBA of FusionSpark Media, Inc.

The purpose of Drone Video Services is to be the most reliable, trusted resource about the application of drone video services.

Topics we cover include:

  • FAA-related information about the legal use of drone photos or video for commercial purposes
  • Business sector specific (i.e. real estate, agriculture, etc) advice about how to seek, retain and use drone video services
  • The ethics and best practices in the use of drone video services for commercial purposes
  • The humanitarian, environmental and other cause-related uses of drone video services
  • How drone technology influences photography and video for commercial services
  • Best practices in drone photography and video techniques for real estate, agriculture, industry, conservation and more.


Kevin_CavenFusionSpark Media has created a strategic alliance with Vantage Vertical, of Morristown, NJ, to offer FAA-compliant, 333 Exempted drone video services on both coasts of North America.